Thursday, March 7, 2013

Coconut Whipped Cream

One of the hardest things for me to give up on the Paleo Life Style is sweets. I love sweet things: cookies, chocolates, cakes, brownies. You name it, I'll eat it. I even love chocolate covered bacon!
But one day, while I was flipping through a Paleo cookbook, I came across something that may just tie my over...and be my new favorite!
Coconut Whipped Cream:
1 can of coconut milk (can be organic if you want)
Vanilla Extract
1. Put the can of coconut milk in the fridge either overnight or all day long. It needs to be cold or it won't work.
2. 15 minutes before you're going to need it, place the can and a bowl in teh freezer. This'll get it just that much more cold.
3. Once you're ready, take the can and flip it upside down. I know it's unconventional and crazy but you need to do this part. The first time I tried this, I didn't do this step and I was mixing that coconut milk for like 15 mintues before I gave up! Open the can and pour out the clear coconut water. All you'll have left is the cream!
4. Put the cream into the cold bowl. Add vanilla extract, about 1 teaspoon. With a stand mixer or a electric hand mixer or even the old fashion man-powered whisk (if you're good and can do it fast!) whip that cream until it's a consistancy you want.
5. I use it on berries mostly. Once or twice I had a spoonful standing in the dark kitchen before bed. If you close your eyes, you could imagine it with a little coconut rum or citrus vodka and a little umbrella. Great summer treat!

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